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Introduction to general anti-corrosion engineering scheme


Project cost. This paper introduces the general pool anti-corrosion engineering,. The specific construction of the coating of glass epoxy steel on the surface, that is, three cloths and five oils, is divided into the following steps:

Application of frp products in spacecraft


The phenomenon that glass fiber reinforced plastic products are damaged due to gasification and decomposition when heated is called ablation. Due to ablation, various cooling and heat insulation effects as described above are called ablation cooling effects. All materials that absorb more heat in the ablation process have good ablation cooling effect. Such materials ablation process is very slow, which is called ablation resistant materials. Phenolic FRP products are a kind of good ablation resistant materials. When making the outer shell of a spaceship with this material, the outer shell should be designed to be thicker. When the spacecraft passes through the atmosphere, the outermost material is ablated, but the cooling and thermal insulation effects caused by ablation can

China successfully launched Beidou-3 satellite


China successfully launched Beidou-3 satellite

Introduction to common primers of anti-corrosion resin


The importance of anti-corrosion primer for anti-corrosion engineering is self-evident. This article introduces two commonly used anti-corrosion primers. For details of vinyl resin, please call the sales hotline 027-87290637/13871004406 (General Manager Liu)

Brief introduction of epoxy vinyl resin commonly used in anti-corrosion engineering


Wuhan University of Technology Development Co., Ltd. is the general agent of Taiwan Shangwei Company in Hubei, and the general agent of Zhenjiang Lider Gel Coat in Hubei. It sells all kinds of epoxy vinyl resins, gel coats, and fiberglass raw materials. This article focuses on the introduction of vinyl resin commonly used in anti-corrosion engineering. This article mainly focuses on the performance and parameters, as well as the scope of use, the advantages and disadvantages of products, and the process flow in the process of anti-corrosion, A brief introduction is given to the precautions. For details, please call the GRP raw material sales hotline 027-87290637/13871004406 (General Manager Liu).

Introduction to general anti-corrosion engineering scheme


This project introduces the general pool anti-corrosion project, and the surface is coated with epoxy glass fiber reinforced plastic, namely three cloth and five oil. The specific construction of anti-corrosion works is divided into the following steps:

Brief introduction of glass fiber cloth used for fiberglass radome


Wuhan University of Technology has created a company specializing in the production of fiberglass radomes. This article gives a brief introduction to the fiberglass cloth used as the raw material of the radomes by our company. In addition to the alkali-free glass fiber untwisted coarse gauze (GB/T18370-2001) and E-glass fiber cloth for printed boards (GB/T18373-2001), the physical and chemical properties of other alkali-free glass fiber cloth are specified by JC/T170-2002 standard (see Table 1 below) and the tensile breaking strength (see Table 2 below).

Vinyl anticorrosive resin new company opened


Vinyl anticorrosive resin new company opened

Wuhan University of Technology's innovative radome exports


With the development of our company's fiberglass radome business and the implementation of the international the Belt and Road policy, the directional radome cooperated with Canada on the original basis is as shown in the figure, and the Beidou Sky Line Cover cooperated with the United States is as shown in the figure. Our company has successfully obtained business contact with Taichung City, Taiwan. Its radome is as shown in the figure. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam has obtained business contact radome is as shown in the figure

Process flow of fiberglass radome


Wuhan University of Technology Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a company with 30 years of experience in the design, development, production and installation of FRP radomes. This paper briefly introduces the production process of GRP radome:

Vinyl anticorrosive resin Vinyl 901 resin


Vinyl 901 resin is one of the main materials for anti-corrosion engineering of fiberglass radome. This book briefly introduces vinyl 901 resin. English name: epoxy resin; Epoxy resin, abbreviation code EP. Vinyl anticorrosive resin refers to organic macromolecular compounds with two or more epoxy groups in the molecule. Except for a few, their molecular weight is not high.

QC engineering drawing of GRP radome


Wuhan University of Technology Development Co., Ltd. is an enterprise with more than 30 years of experience in designing and developing GRP radomes. It has a strict standard process for technology. The QC engineering drawing of its GRP radomes is as follows:

Carbon fiber for GRP products


Carbon fiber and graphite fiber are both fibers with good mechanical properties. The tensile strength of graphite fiber is about twice that of glass fiber, and the heat resistance is far more than that of glass fiber. The cloth woven with graphite gauze also has good mechanical strength when heated to 25001C. Therefore, fiberglass products can be used as reinforcing materials to produce high temperature and ablation resistant reinforced plastics with comprehensive performance.

Carbon fiber for GRP products


On May 17, on the World Telecommunication and Information Society Day, China Unicom announced that it would set up nine industry groups including smart mines for key vertical industries. The industry corps is the central enterprise responsible for China Unicom's implementation of the national strategy and active integration into the new development pattern of the digital economy. It is also the backbone force to adhere to innovation-driven and promote the digital transformation of the industry. It is also an important measure to promote the implementation of the company's new strategy and strengthen the strategic business layout.

QC engineering drawing of GRP radome


Over the years, Shanxi Xiangning Coking Coal Group Shennanwa Coking Coal Co., Ltd. has unswervingly adhered to scientific and sustainable development, and has gradually explored a development path of resource conservation, environmental friendliness and ecological civilization with the goal of healthy development and environmental harmony. Through scientific and technological innovation, energy conservation and emission reduction, the main material consumption indicators and technical indicators of the mining area have reached the leading level of the same industry in China, achieving economic and social development The harmonious development of man and nature has won the honorary titles of "Municipal Spiritual Civilization Unit", "AAA Credit Enterprise" and so on.

Vinyl anticorrosive resin Vinyl 901 resin


In November 2021, Shandong Energy Group implemented industrial regional integration, integrating the former Xinkuang Inner Mongolia Energy Co., Ltd. and the former Inner Mongolia Shangmiao Mining Co., Ltd. in the Shanghaimiao region, and established Xinkuang Inner Mongolia Energy Co., Ltd. as the main body of investment, operation, management and relationship coordination of Shandong Energy in the Shanghaimiao region. Inner Mongolia Energy, a new mine of Shandong Energy, has taken the initiative to meet the "double carbon" strategic opportunities and challenges, focusing on the "six main businesses" of Shandong Energy Group, taking green and low carbon as the guide, constantly optimizing the path selection, creating smart kinetic energy, accelerating the transformation from traditional energy enterprises to new energy enterprises, focusing on building green, efficient and smart industrial clusters, and has found a low-carbon and high-quality development path, To contribute Inner Mongolia's strength to building energy groups into clean energy suppliers and world-class enterprises.

The "green mine" town glows with "new vitality"


The summer of "Nalin Taohai" is a little late, but it is very rich. In the distance, there are lush vegetation, green mountains and full of vitality. Following the footsteps of the wind, we strolled along the country road, where farms, idylls, poems and dreams quietly blossomed and produced fruits, and the "green mine" town glowed with "new vitality".

Pilot completed! The environmental supervision system of tailings pond will be put into operation nationwide


The tailings pond environmental monitoring system independently developed by the Satellite Environment Application Center of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment has recently completed the system architecture construction and preliminary research and development work, and will be applied in all provinces and cities across the country. This will effectively promote the construction of tailings informatization, effectively promote the informatization management of local tailings pond to a new level, and further improve the precision and scientific level of environmental supervision of tailings pond nationwide.

China's coal supply is sufficient and orderly in the key period of peak summer


According to the news of CCTV News Client on June 21, Shanghai Securities News China Securities Network reported that the peak of electricity and energy consumption is coming in the summer, and the pressure on electricity supply is increasing. At present, coal power generation accounts for 60.5% of China's total power generation, and coal is still the main energy in China. So how about the coal production and supply in China during the key period of peak summer? Look at the report from the largest coal production base in China.

Hami: Smart mine construction promotes high-quality development of mining economy


In recent years, Hami has taken mine intelligence as the core technical support to promote the high-quality development of industrial economy, closely centering on the national strategic deployment of new infrastructure and new economy development, actively promoting the construction of 5G network in key mines and key mining areas, deepening the integrated application of 5G in the mining field, promoting the digitalization and intelligent transformation of mining enterprises, in order to build intelligent production, ecological environment, scientific mining and efficient resource utilization The safe, intelligent and green mine with digital management information lays an important foundation for development.

Regulations on Production Technology and Safety Management of Surface Coal Mines


On June 17, the Inner Mongolia Bureau of the State Administration of Mine Safety held a press conference on the Regulations on Production Technology and Safety Management of Opencast Coal Mines at the Inner Mongolia Coal Mine Safety Training Center. Tang Jihua, member of the Party Leadership Group and deputy director of the Inner Mongolia Bureau, attended the conference and announced the formal release of the regulations. The safety management personnel from more than 50 open-pit coal mines in the region attended the press conference, which was also broadcast live in the form of video.

Notice on Printing and Distributing the Administrative Measures for the Promotion of Advanced and Applicable Technical Equipment for Mine Safety and the Elimination of Backward Technical Equipment (Trial)


The Measures for the Administration of the Catalogue of the Promotion of Advanced and Applicable Technical Equipment for Mine Safety and the Elimination of Backward Technical Equipment (for Trial Implementation) has been deliberated and adopted at the 17th executive meeting of the State Administration of Mine Safety in 2022, and is hereby printed and distributed for implementation.

Qinghai: 68 mines left over from history have carried out ecological protection, restoration and treatment


The reporter learned from the Qinghai Provincial Department of Natural Resources on the 8th that 68 ecological restoration projects of mines left over by history, including Zhongling Village, Jingyang Town, Datong County, Xining City, met the conditions for the support of the central financial transfer payment (special funds for key ecological protection, restoration and governance) in 2021, and were included in the key ecological governance projects in 2021.

How to solve the problems of large historical arrears and insufficient capital investment in mine ecological restoration?


Mine ecological restoration is an important part of comprehensively promoting the construction of ecological civilization. In recent years, all regions have actively promoted mine ecological protection and restoration in accordance with the requirements of green development. But on the whole, China's mine ecological restoration still faces problems such as imperfect system, low level, and difficult to popularize new technologies. The impact of destructive development on mine geological environment is still serious. To implement the new development concept and speed up the construction of ecological civilization, we should put mine ecological restoration in a more prominent position, and comprehensively improve the level of mine ecological restoration and comprehensive management through scientific governance, market-oriented operation and social participation, in accordance with the requirements of "building a modern environmental governance system with the leadership of the Party committee, government leadership, enterprise main body, social organizations and the public participation".

Digital Twin will become an important tool for the mining industry to realize ESG


Jeff Hamilton, senior director of brand strategy and alliance of Dassault Systems, said that digital twinning technology uses software to reconstruct physical entity models to help mining enterprises stay at the center of sustainable supply chain and realize the traceability of minerals from mines to end uses.

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