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In November 2021, Shandong Energy Group implemented industrial regional integration, integrating the former Xinkuang Inner Mongolia Energy Co., Ltd. and the former Inner Mongolia Shangmiao Mining Co., Ltd. in the Shanghaimiao region, and established Xinkuang Inner Mongolia Energy Co., Ltd. as the main body of investment, operation, management and relationship coordination of Shandong Energy in the Shanghaimiao region. Inner Mongolia Energy, a new mine of Shandong Energy, has taken the initiative to meet the "double carbon" strategic opportunities and challenges, focusing on the "six main businesses" of Shandong Energy Group, taking green and low carbon as the guide, constantly optimizing the path selection, creating smart kinetic energy, accelerating the transformation from traditional energy enterprises to new energy enterprises, focusing on building green, efficient and smart industrial clusters, and has found a low-carbon and high-quality development path, To contribute Inner Mongolia's strength to building energy groups into clean energy suppliers and world-class enterprises.

Green mine construction presses "acceleration key"

In September 2021, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Green Mine Construction Promotion Conference was held in Etuoke Banner, Ordos. Yuxing Coal Mine of Inner Mongolia Energy Co., Ltd., as the only "green fill mining" mine in the region, introduced the experience of green mine construction. When you enter the Qipanjing Ecological Park in Etok Banner, you will find lush green leaves, verdant vegetation and fragrant flowers everywhere. The residents and workers of the town will run, exercise, relax and enjoy the scenery here, and fully display the harmony and nature. Under this beautiful ecological park, it is the main mining area of Inner Mongolia Energy Yuxing Coal Mine.

The ecological park integrating goaf treatment, solid waste utilization, comprehensive utilization of underground drainage water, ecological restoration, landscape construction, etc. is not only the "cradle" of economic benefits of Yuxing Coal Mine, but also the vivid practice of Inner Mongolia Energy to implement green mine construction.

The establishment of the "underground stope and aboveground park" two suitable models benefited from the application of new energy mining technologies in Inner Mongolia. The company strengthened the leadership of scientific and technological innovation, relying on the research and development platform of the "National Filling Engineering Laboratory" of Yuxing Coal Mine, established the research institute of continuous mining and filling, carried out research and development on the technology of continuous mining and filling, and independently developed the "five non-one complete" mining mode of "no coal for coal discharge, no gangue for waste discharge, no sewage discharge, full solid waste filling, no ground settlement, and no environmental damage". The monthly output of a single face has reached a good level of 75000 tons, It has polished the green and efficient filling and mining business card of Inner Mongolia Energy. In 2017, Inner Mongolia Energy's "full negative pressure continuous mining, continuous charging and step-by-step replacement three times coal mining method" was accepted as an invention patent by the China National Intellectual Property Administration, and Yuxing Coal Mine was also awarded the honorary title of "high-tech enterprise", which can reduce and exempt various costs for enterprises by more than 20 million yuan every year.

"We have always practiced the development concept of 'green mountains and green waters are golden mountains and silver mountains', constantly innovated and optimized the filling and mining technology, and created considerable economic benefits on the basis of protecting the ecological environment. We will timely summarize and promote our experience, and strive to build Yuxing Coal Mine into a world-class filling and mining mine." Wei Ligang, the head of Inner Mongolia Energy Yuxing Coal Mine, said.

At present, the mines in the Shanghaimiao area of Inner Mongolia Energy are equipped with green mining conditions. Relying on the innovation drive, the implementation of scientific and technological achievements has been accelerated. Through a series of measures such as the construction of intelligent chemical working face, the upgrading of tunneling equipment, and the innovation of the "110 construction method" lane retaining technology, the efficient release of high-quality coal production capacity has been achieved. The Inner Mongolia base is shouldering the important task of ensuring the supply of electric coal, becoming a new support for the development of the energy group outside the province.

The development of clean chemical industry stepped into a "fast lane"

In February this year, Inner Mongolia Energy Hengkun Chemical surprised the national second-class protected animals - egrets, which not only hovered over the chemical plant, but also landed at the scenic lake of the plant, walking leisurely to find food, combing feathers and playing in the water. Egret has the reputation of "monitoring bird" and "environmental protection bird" for atmospheric and water quality conditions, and has extremely strict requirements for living environment. Hengkun Chemical can win the "favor" of Egret and settle down here, which is inseparable from the company's attention to environmental protection.

In recent years, Inner Mongolia Energy has focused on the construction goal of "smart and sustainable, digital chemical", focusing on systematic energy conservation, environmental governance, and resource recycling, to further promote the comprehensive treatment of the plant environment, and promote the chemical industry to step into the "fast lane" of green, low-carbon, and efficient development.

The company adheres to the high-quality development concept of "ecological priority and green development", vigorously implements sewage expansion projects, and continuously improves sewage treatment capacity. The existing biochemical treatment plant is reconstructed by adding new pretreatment system, biochemical treatment system and coke quenching water treatment system, and the sewage treatment capacity is increased from 50m ³/ H Lift to 108m ³/ h. It meets the water consumption of desulfurization waste liquid, desulfurization and denitration waste liquid and dry quenching project, and reaches zero discharge of waste water. At the same time, they upgraded and renovated the ground domestic sewage treatment facilities, laid circulating water pipelines throughout the plant, and used all the treated domestic sewage for coke washing, mine greening, watering and dust prevention, etc. The comprehensive utilization rate of water resources reached 100%, and the annual reuse rate of water reached 99%, saving more than 1 million yuan.

The company focused on the goal of winning the "blue sky defense war" and accelerated the promotion of key environmental protection projects such as deep desulfurization, coke oven flue gas desulfurization and denitrification, and machine-side ground dust removal. In September this year, Hengkun Chemical completed the lifting and replacement of the LNG decarbonization absorption tower, laying a solid foundation for the green, safe and efficient production of the system.

"As the main equipment of the LNG system, the decarbonization absorption tower is responsible for the absorption and removal of carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide and other acidic gases in the gas, and for the subsequent provision of qualified feed gas. In order to ensure the long-term safe, efficient and stable operation of the equipment and save maintenance and replacement costs, we combined with the production practice, using corrosion-resistant 304 stainless steel instead of raw carbon steel, which not only optimizes the equipment structure, improves the equipment operation efficiency, but also ensures that the gas The body discharge meets the environmental protection requirements. " Chen Xia, head of Hengkun Chemical, said.

The improvement of equipment performance has brought about the efficient release of chemical production capacity. Through the deep desulfurization project transformation, the company has used 90% of the total coal consumption, including more than 40% of the self-use of high-sulfur coal, effectively playing its key role in the clean and efficient conversion and utilization of coal "ballast", and realizing the maximization of the overall benefits of Shanghai Miao Mining Area. Hengkun Chemical also won the title of "high-tech enterprise". The annual income tax rate of the enterprise has been reduced by 10%, effectively transforming the "policy dividend" of the country into real "real gold and silver".

Do a good job of "first hand chess" under the diversified industrial layout

Inner Mongolia Energy closely follows the strategic deployment of "clean energy scale" of Shandong Energy Group, adheres to the principle of "based on coal, relying on coal, extending coal, and surpassing coal", vigorously promotes the development of new energy with photovoltaic power generation as the focus, and comprehensively builds an integrated industrial cluster with "coal as the basis, coal power conversion as the path, new energy as the supplement, and warehousing and logistics as the support".

Overlooking the Inner Mongolia base, a picture of the harmonious development of mineral resources development and ecological environment is displayed. The company has accelerated the construction of Hengkun Chemical Phase II project on the basis of striving to reach the production capacity and efficiency of the 1.3 million tons coking multi-production project of the first phase of Hengkun Chemical. The first phase of the project has completed 51% of the total progress. After the completion of the project, the overall capacity of 3.9 million tons of coke and 500000 tons of chemical products will be formed; The western railway has broken the bottleneck of construction and is basically ready to start construction; New energy has obtained the construction index of 5.8MW distributed photovoltaic project, and actively connected with local environmental protection and energy departments. While building photovoltaic power stations with high standards, it focuses on the environmental governance of mined-out areas, transforming mine economy into ecological economy, and transforming "mined-out areas" into "cornucopia". With the continuous improvement of the industrial chain, Inner Mongolia will continue to release strong profitability. (Economic Daily reporter Wang Jinhu, correspondent Wang Shibo, Xu Jin)