Take quality as the life of the enterprise, pay close attention to product quality, and do better for customers!

The company independently produces, processes and sells various products to meet customers' needs and requirements for products. We are convinced that we can do what others can't do; What others can do, we will do better.

Positive beliefs let us move forward bravely, high concentration makes us strong, and win-win cooperation makes us win more!

Headquarters Address: 1608, Building F, Modern Optics Valley World Trade Center, No. 70, Optics Valley Avenue, East Lake Development Zone, Wuhan

Factory Address: 1102, Unit 4, Building 6, Phase I, Bao'an Puyuan, Beigang Village, Hongshan District (Baidu Gaode can search Wuhan University of Technology Innovation Factory)

Sales Hotline: +86-27-87294312

Fax: +86-27-87290637

Contact: +86-13971395912 (Yang Jianqin)

Contact: +86-13871004406 (Liu Qinghua)

WeChat: 13871004406

QQ : 535852679



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