Introduction to common primers of anti-corrosion resin

Introduction to construction primer of anti-corrosion engineering

The importance of anti-corrosion primer for anti-corrosion engineering is self-evident. This article introduces two commonly used anti-corrosion primers. For details of vinyl resin, please call the sales hotline 027-87290637/13871004406 (General Manager Liu)

SWANCOR 984 is an improved vinyl ester resin primer, which has the high toughness of elastomer and the physical properties of vinyl ester resin. Using SWANCOR 984 will produce the following benefits.

1. Under the metal substrate, it has excellent adhesion strength and high toughness.

2. Chemical resistance equivalent to BISPHENOL-A vinyl ester resin.

3. It is thixotropic and easy to construct.

4. It has better wear resistance than traditional vinyl ester resin.

5. SWANCOR 984-M is a pre-promoted SWANCOR 984 resin.

Special characteristics

Appearance: brown translucent stratified liquid

Solid content: 55 ± 1%

Viscosity: 400 ± 100cps (LVT # 3-60rpm/25 ℃)

Specific gravity: 1.02 ± 0.02

Gelling time *: 15-25 minutes (55% MEKPO: 1.2%, 6% cobalt octanoate 0.4%, 100% DMA: 0.05%, temperature: 25 ℃)

Applicable base material: metal

Shelf life: 3 months (below 25 ℃)

Physical properties

(1) 3.2mm shaped plate

Tensile strength: 62-69 MPa (ASTM D 638)

Tensile modulus: 3.1-3.3 GPa (ASTM D 638)

Elongation: 6-9% (ASTM D 638)

Bending strength: 103-115 MPa (ASTM D 790)

Bending modulus: 3.0-3.2 GPa (ASTM D 790)

Hot deformation temperature: > 85 ℃ (ASTM D 648)

Hardness: 28-36 (Barcol ASTM D 2583)

(2) Bond strength (ASTM D1002)

Iron material: 130kg/cm 2

Packaging, storage, and operation

1. SWANCOR 984 is packed in 5-gallon iron drums, each weighing 20 kg.

2. SWANCOR 984 is a reactive resin, which should be stored in a cool place. If it is stored for too long, the bottle cap can be opened to inject air to extend its storage time.

3. The gelling time of SWANCOR 984 is mainly affected by the concentration and temperature of hardener. Because the difference of hardener, humidity, pigment filler and other additives will affect the hardening characteristics, it is recommended that the operator should first test the hardening characteristics in a small amount under the self-set operating conditions when using this product.


1. The iron material shall be sandblasted to Sa2 1/2 before coating

2. During high humidity construction, the content of hardener can be increased (at least 1.0%) to enhance its hardenability. With the correct addition of hardener, high humidity does not affect the characteristics of SWANCOR 984.

3. After sandblasting, SWANCOR 984 shall be coated within 8 hours, but the surface shall not be contaminated with water drops, grease, dust and other impurities that hinder the following.

4. After SWANCOR 984 is coated, the surface can provide residual adhesive with good recoating property. So it should be on the top in summer

SWANCOR 984 shall be laminated after 4 hours (8 hours in winter) and within one week. If it cannot be laminated within the above suggested time, the styrene back-adhesion test must be conducted before the lamination. If there is no stickback, the surface must be roughened and then laminated.

5. SWANCOR 984-M is a pre-promotion formula.

6. SWANCOR 984 is a stratified liquid, which must be stirred evenly before use.

SWANCOR CP95 is a special primer resin for concrete lining engineering, which can provide strong and firm double-sided bonding and produce a solid, heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant interface after hardening; Its surface can also provide enough unsaturated chain, so that the recoating can form a perfect lining design with SWANCOR CP95.


Appearance: light yellow transparent liquid

Viscosity: 100~300 cps (LVT # 3-60 rpm/25 ℃)

Gelation time: 5-25 minutes

(55% MEKPO: 1.2%, 6% cobalt octanoate: 0.4%, 100% DMA: 0.05%, temperature: 25 ℃)

Shelf life: 6 months (below 25 ℃)


(1) Before coating, confirm the concrete properties as follows:

A. The curing period is more than 30 days.

B. The moisture content is less than 8%.

C. The compressive strength is greater than 21 MPa.

D. There is correct pretreatment.

(2) The top layer of concrete is recommended to be treated with a wooden trowel. To ensure the surface quality.

(3) If iron trowel is used as powder, after the concrete is hardened, a layer of non-strength gray layer (Laitance) will usually be formed on the surface, which can be removed by the following methods:

A. It can be removed by sand blasting, dry and wet.

B. Remove by mechanical method.

(4) After SWANCOR CP95 is coated, the residual adhesion on the surface will be maintained for a period of time, and the lamination shall be implemented within 4 hours to 7 days.

(5) SWANCOR CP95 should be placed in a cool place to ensure quality. In order to facilitate customer construction, our company also provides SWANCOR CP95-P with cobalt salt for customer selection.

Packaging, storage, and operation Packaging, storage, and operation

1. SWANCOR CP95 is packed in 55-gallon iron drums, each weighing 200 kg, and in 5-gallon square drums, each weighing 20 kg.

2. Please store in a cool place and avoid direct sunlight.

3. Flammable liquid, keep away from ignition source.

Other instructions

1. SWANCOR CP95 is a reactive resin. It should be stored in a cool place. If it is stored for too long, it can be opened to inject air to extend its storage time.

2. The gelling characteristics of SWANCOR CP95 are affected by weather, temperature, hardener content, accelerator content and additives. Before changing the operating formula, it is advisable to test its gelling time in a small amount to facilitate processing.