QC engineering drawing of GRP radome

Over the years, Shanxi Xiangning Coking Coal Group Shennanwa Coking Coal Co., Ltd. has unswervingly adhered to scientific and sustainable development, and has gradually explored a development path of resource conservation, environmental friendliness and ecological civilization with the goal of healthy development and environmental harmony. Through scientific and technological innovation, energy conservation and emission reduction, the main material consumption indicators and technical indicators of the mining area have reached the leading level of the same industry in China, achieving economic and social development The harmonious development of man and nature has won the honorary titles of "Municipal Spiritual Civilization Unit", "AAA Credit Enterprise" and so on.


QC engineering drawing of GRP radome


Always adhere to running mines according to law and constantly strengthen publicity and promotion

In daily production and operation, we always adhere to the concepts of "developing in protection, protecting in development", "paying equal attention to the development of mineral resources and environmental protection", and do not exchange the economic benefits of enterprises at the cost of destroying the environment, and strictly abide by the design and construction in the Mineral Resources Law, the Coal Resources Development and Utilization, Geological Environment Protection and Land Reclamation Plan, and the Environmental Impact Assessment Report, Seriously implement and implement the requirements and relevant regulations of the administrative department to achieve complete certificates and legal production, which has been highly praised by the competent unit and local departments.

In the process of green mine construction, the enterprise will incorporate the green mine construction into the long-term development plan of the enterprise, put it on the important agenda, and deploy, arrange and assess together with the safety, production and other indicators. A leading group of green mines was established, led by the main person in charge, with the mine manager in charge of specific overall planning, and the competent personnel were assigned to take charge of the implementation, providing a reliable organizational guarantee.

In order to create a strong atmosphere for the construction of green mines, the mine made full use of bulletin boards, LED electronic screens, internal networks, etc. to widely publicize the importance and necessity of green mines, energy conservation and emission reduction, and publicize relevant laws and regulations. In addition, the "Energy Conservation Publicity Week", the "June 5th Environmental Day" and other activities were actively carried out, which further improved the employees' awareness of energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection, and pushed the construction of green mines to a new height.


QC engineering drawing of GRP radome


Actively rely on technological innovation and make full use of geological resources

Scientific and technological innovation capability is the source of life for enterprises and an important way to enhance core competitiveness. As a resource-based mine, we should vigorously promote the concept of green mining, create scientific mining methods, and actively adopt new technologies, new materials and new processes to improve the comprehensive utilization rate of resources. Vigorously promote technological progress and strive to improve the scientific and technological content of comprehensive utilization of mineral resources. Cooperate with China University of Mining and Technology to carry out the surrounding rock stability control technology project of deep shaft strong dynamic pressure coal roadway in Xiangning mining area. Use small coal pillars for mining. The security coal pillar between mining faces is reduced from the original design of 30m to 15m. Since the project was carried out, a working face has reduced labor investment of 2.46 million yuan and material cost of about 13 million yuan. Only one coal pillar can reduce the loss of coal resources by 84000 tons, which can directly increase the resource recovery benefit of the mine by 42 million yuan; At present, the company has implemented two coal mining faces under the mine, and only the recovery of safety coal pillar increases the resource recovery benefit by about 84 million yuan.


QC engineering drawing of GRP radome


Deeply carry out energy conservation and emission reduction and vigorously promote cleaner production

Take "saving expenditure and consumption, energy conservation and emission reduction, and improving efficiency" as an important guarantee to create a green mine, formulate specific measures for energy conservation and emission reduction, improve the assessment and reward and punishment mechanism, and ensure the realization of energy conservation and emission reduction goals. We will carry out energy contract management, strengthen technological innovation, further tap potential and reduce consumption, and promote energy conservation and emission reduction. At the same time, the energy conservation assessment and management standards for all departments have been formulated and issued, and the management responsibilities and time nodes have been clarified, forming a good mechanism for the party, government, work and group to jointly manage energy conservation and emission reduction. The mine takes vigorously promoting cleaner production as the work of energy conservation and emission reduction. Give full play to the value of production waste water. The waste water produced by mine production is mainly mineral processing production waste water and domestic waste water. After the beneficiation production wastewater enters the mine sewage treatment station, it is transported back to the mining area by the return water system for recycling. The domestic wastewater is treated by the domestic sewage treatment plant to meet the reclaimed water reuse standard, and the gangue yard project and the access road are hardened, and treated as required. The access roads and industrial site roads shall be regularly cleaned and watered to reduce dust to prevent secondary dust. At the same time, all coal-fired boilers in the mining area will be dismantled, and the gangue, waste oil, etc. generated in the production process will be disposed in a standardized manner. Complete the transformation of air energy heating system., It is mainly used for daily greening irrigation, and partially supplemented by production process.


QC engineering drawing of GRP radome


Strengthen geological environment protection and promote community harmony

Carefully abide by the Environmental Protection Law of the People's Republic of China and relevant laws and regulations, strictly follow the principle of "people-oriented, prevention and control combination", do a good job in mine environmental protection and recovery and governance, seriously implement the deposit system for mine environmental recovery and governance, strictly implement the "three simultaneities" of environmental protection, and pay the deposit for environmental recovery and governance in full and timely every year, The Plan for the Development and Utilization of Coal Resources, Geological Environment Protection and Land Reclamation has been prepared, and a series of effective measures have been taken to carry out environmental renovation, greening and beautification, minimizing the negative impact of mining development on the ecological environment. In order to strengthen environmental protection and geological management, the enterprise has carried out overall beautification, greening and ground hardening of the mining area, so that the enterprise has truly realized the clear mountains, beautiful waters and beautiful scenery.


QC engineering drawing of GRP radome


At the same time, the enterprise has put the concept of green ecology into the whole process of mine development, conscientiously fulfilled its corporate social responsibility, actively established a good social image, did not forget to benefit the local people, actively participated in community construction, and always cared about the people and their lives. In recent years, it has contributed to help the surrounding rural areas build roads and reservoirs every year to help villagers get rid of poverty and become rich; Provide employment opportunities for local villages and solve employment problems; Regularly invite the surrounding people to the mine to hold community fellowship activities, ask them to pick "problems" for the work of the enterprise, and put forward suggestions, so as to achieve a good situation in which the enterprise and the community develop together, and people and the environment are harmonious and harmonious.