Process flow of fiberglass radome

Wuhan University of Technology Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a company with 30 years of experience in the design, development, production and installation of FRP radomes. This paper briefly introduces the production process of GRP radome:

The technological process of different radomes is different, and the technological process of the same radome in different climates is also different. The preliminary results can be determined as follows:

The first step is to design the radome mold, mold manufacturing and processing

Step 2: mold inspection and production preparation

Step 3: polishing, waxing, brushing release agent, etc

Step 4: painting gel coat and other curing

Step 5: Cure the corresponding cloth layer according to the product requirements

Step 6: After polishing, make the corresponding cloth layer and other curing according to the product requirements

Step 7: Medium glue treatment can be selected

Step 8: vacuum (process requirements)

Step 9: mold closing and other curing

Step 10: demoulding

Step 11: Handle the product

Step 12: Assemble products

Step 13: Curing after heating

Step 14: Inspect the product

Step 15: Packing and warehousing for delivery