Introduction to general anti-corrosion engineering scheme

Wuhan University of Technology innovates the construction scheme of FRP anti-corrosion project


Introduction to construction process

This project introduces the general pool anti-corrosion project, and the surface is coated with epoxy glass fiber reinforced plastic, namely three cloth and five oil. The specific construction of anti-corrosion works is divided into the following steps:

1. Preparation:

① Before construction, ensure that the cement floor is completely dry and the cement strength reaches more than 80% of the designed strength, the error per meter of foundation leveling is within 1-1.5 mm, and the surface should be kept clean and dry, then the primer can be painted to avoid construction in the environment with the highest temperature in a day.

② Prepare GRP raw materials and construction equipment required for construction, as well as simple fire protection measures. Personal labor protection and protection measures shall be in place, prepare construction plans, and conduct technical and safety disclosure to operators to achieve safe and civilized construction.

③ Carry out incoming inspection of machines and tools to check whether there is any damage or other potential safety hazard. Classify and stack the materials in different places and make signs and signs to ensure the dryness and non-pollution of the materials. Professional laboratory personnel shall test and inspect the materials and record the corresponding data for construction use.

2. The specific construction procedure is (three cloth and five oil):

1. Painting epoxy resin: first paint the corners and some bad construction places in the first time, ensure the uniformity of the materials in the process of painting, and then paint other places. During the process of painting, the painting track should overlap about 30-50 mm. After the first time of curing, repeat the above process and paint again, focusing on the corners and some bad construction places.

2. For the inspection of the painted surface, whether there are burrs that need to be polished, whether there are problems such as whether the coating is in place or the coating thickness is not enough, the next construction process can only be carried out after passing the inspection, and the glass fiber cloth must be made after passing the inspection, and the glass fiber cloth must be made solid by layers, and the two or more layers must be strictly done together,

The gap of glass fiber shall be staggered, and the overlap at the joint shall not be less than 50 mm.

3. After the glass fiber is cured, check whether there are common problems such as bulging, bleeding, whitening, delamination, and some hidden problems. If it is unqualified, it must be modified by the technical personnel and the strict construction personnel. If the above reasons or other unforeseen problems are not caused by the construction party, if it is agreed in the contract, it should be settled according to the contract, if it is not negotiated with Party A. After passing the inspection, apply the final sealing epoxy resin as the first process.

4. Finished product protection: there is a certain curing time in the above process (the specific time is determined by the construction scheme and time). During the curing process, the modified project shall be protected, and the enclosure and warning signs shall be set at its periphery. If necessary, special personnel can be assigned to guard it.

Number plan

1. It shall be determined according to the construction period and the specific size of the project agreed in the contract.

2. At least one safety officer and at least one tester.

quality requirement

1. According to the construction scheme and the on-site situation, the construction work of each link shall be done well to achieve self-inspection, mutual inspection and special inspection by special inspectors to meet the quality requirements.

2. It is not allowed to enter the next process without inspection, and the main control items must be 100% qualified.

Safety measures

1. As the raw materials used in construction are flammable, special warehouses must be set up and guarded by special personnel and equipped with fire fighting facilities. All construction personnel entering the site are not allowed to smoke and smoke.

2. The construction personnel must enter the site under the real-name system, wear personal labor protection equipment, abide by various rules and regulations, and follow the arrangement of the foreman.

3. When applying enamel, the site must be equipped with a ventilator to supply fresh air to keep the air in the pool fresh, or wear a gas mask to facilitate better construction. A special person must be assigned to supervise the operation and be equipped with corresponding emergency equipment and emergency plan.

Completion acceptance

After the completion of all construction projects of the anti-corrosion project, the operators shall submit the qualified self-inspection to the professional personnel for inspection, and repair and deal with the problems raised by the professional personnel. After the professional personnel pass the inspection, they shall submit the completion acceptance application, which shall be accepted by Party A. After the acceptance, they shall submit the acceptance report and specific data, such as the anti-corrosion area, to apply for payment by Party A.

Quality period and warranty period

The quality warranty period is one year. If there is a problem of the project quality within one year, the construction party shall unconditionally repair it at its own cost. If the quality warranty expires, and Party A does not raise any objection within one week after the expiration of the quality warranty period, it is deemed that Party A agrees to the end of the quality warranty period, and the construction party proposes the payment of the quality guarantee, and Party A shall pay in time. The quality period is determined by the contract, If there is no agreement, national standards and specifications shall be followed; if there is no national standards and specifications, industrial standards shall be followed; if there is no industrial standards and specifications, enterprise standards shall be followed. In case of any problem during the warranty period and the quality period, Party A has the right to request the construction party to deal with it. The construction party shall not refuse, and the cost shall be borne by Party A.