China's coal supply is sufficient and orderly in the key period of peak summer

According to the news of CCTV News Client on June 21, Shanghai Securities News China Securities Network reported that the peak of electricity and energy consumption is coming in the summer, and the pressure on electricity supply is increasing. At present, coal power generation accounts for 60.5% of China's total power generation, and coal is still the main energy in China. So how about the coal production and supply in China during the key period of peak summer? Look at the report from the largest coal production base in China.

Release production capacity and ensure stable production and increased supply of coal

Shendong Coal, the State Energy Group, is the first coal production base of 200 million tons across Shaanxi and Inner Mongolia. Here, every ten minutes, a train full of coal leaves here and is transported to all parts of the country. Miner Niu Tao is one of the more than 30000 Shendong people. In order to shorten the time of equipment maintenance, he has studied a new set of methods to tackle the problem - preventive measures and treatment flow chart for equipment failures of more than 4 hours.

Niu Tao, the leader of the second fully mechanized mining team of the Shendong Coal Halagou Coal Mine of the National Energy Group, said that the faults of more than 4 hours should be sorted out, and after sorting out, the first step is to prevent them. If the human cannot prevent them, there must be reasonable steps and processes to quickly deal with the faults of more than 4 hours.

The downtime for maintenance is reduced from 8 hours to 4 hours, and the additional 4 hours of production time can increase 5000 tons of coal. At present, Shendong Coal has increased its output by 9.5 million tons and delivered 2278 trains for six consecutive months, which is equivalent to the electricity consumption of 5.96 million people a year.

Not only in Shendong, as the largest coal production enterprise in China, various mining areas under the National Energy Group are currently releasing their capacity at full capacity and driving full power to stabilize production and supply.

Wu Xiaoxu, Manager of the Operation Analysis Division of the Coal and Transportation Industry Management Department of the National Energy Group, said that the average monthly output of self-produced coal remained 50 million tons for seven consecutive months, at the best level in history.

At present, China's coal supply is sufficient and orderly as a whole

It is also necessary to increase the horsepower to deliver the mined coal to power enterprises. With sufficient coal production and smooth coal transportation, represented by the National Energy Group, China's coal supply is currently sufficient and orderly. In recent days, the special train carrying nearly 3400 tons of Xinjiang Tianchi Changxie coal arrived at Yingshuiqiao freight yard in Zhongwei, Ningxia.

Wu Xiaoxu, Manager of the Operation Analysis Department of the Coal and Transportation Industry Management Department of the National Energy Group, said that two new supply channels of "Xinjiang coal into Ningxia", namely, the group's self-produced coal and market coal, have been opened successively, and will supply a total of 600000 tons of electric coal to Ningxia Zhongwei Thermal Power Co., Ltd. every year. Up to now, the available days of coal inventory have been stable at more than 15 days, providing sufficient "rations" for the full production of units in the peak and summer seasons.

At present, the railway coal transportation volume of the National Energy Group has exceeded 200 million tons annually; The volume of coal transported by ships exceeded 100 million tons, up 12.4% year on year.

Jiang Debin, deputy director of the Statistics and Data Center of the China Electricity Council, said that the country attaches great importance to the work of ensuring the supply of energy and electricity, and continues to strengthen the efforts to increase production and ensure the supply of coal. The domestic coal supply is sufficient, which effectively guarantees the domestic coal consumption demand and effectively stabilizes the energy and power supply of China.

Smart mines promote the quality and efficiency of coal production

In the past, in order to maintain large production capacity, coal mines often required many workers to work in three shifts and work overtime underground to achieve this. The reporter found in the interview that today's intelligent modern mine has completely subverted the traditional production mode, and the word "wisdom" is everywhere in the mine.

At the Shendong coal underground working face of the National Energy Group, miners need to master the operation data of each equipment in the production site at any time and adjust it in real time. In the past, the work was completed with high labor intensity and high technical requirements. Now, using the near-field function of Kuanghong system, all equipment and sensors are automatically connected to the miner's mobile phone in the near field. The data of the pressure, mining height, and travel distance of the mining face can be displayed on the mobile phone screen. At present, Kuanghong system has been successfully applied to 20 kinds of 398 sets of equipment in the fully mechanized mining face of coal mine.

Not only in Shendong Mining Area, but also in Dahaze Coal Mine of middling coal Shaanxi Company, the single shaft intelligent demonstration coal mine with the largest production capacity in China, the staff can remotely control the automatic operation of the mining equipment 630 meters underground through the operation panel. Li Jin, 36, has been engaged in coal mining for ten years. Previously, he had to go down the well every day. Now, he only needs to come to the central control room to achieve efficient coal mining.

Li Jin, a worker of Dahaize Coal Mine of middling coal Shaanxi Company: In the past, more than 20 people were needed for one shift, and one knife of coal (2000 tons) cost about an hour and a half. Now, five of us can finish the job in 50 minutes with one knife of coal (2000 tons).

Not only has coal mining become more intelligent, but coal transportation has also undergone new changes. At the train loading station of Dahaize Coal Mine, there are 54 carriages of a train. With the help of the remote intelligent railway loading system, the loading task that used to require a lot of manpower and machinery can be completed in 90 minutes can now be completed by remote control in 50 minutes.

Ma Guanchao, Chairman of Dahaize Coal Mine of middling coal Shaanxi Company: It used to be manual loading, but now we don't need people on the site after we realize automatic loading. Through monitoring, the safety and loading quality have been greatly improved, and the per capita efficiency has been improved by 25%.

Extending the coal industry chain to achieve high-quality development

Not only has the mine taken on a new look of wisdom, but the industrial chain of coal itself has also been continuously extended, and the development of coal chemical industry has accelerated.

In Yulin Chemical Company of the National Energy Group, coal has achieved a magnificent transformation from fuel to raw material, and the coal chemical industry chain is expanding to the terminal. 1.8 million tons of coal-to-methanol, 0.4 million tons of ethylene glycol, and 0.6 million tons of methanol-to-olefin plants are gathered here. The co-production of the three plants has made more and more coal "black to white", and coal chemical products "from coarse to fine".

At present, the enterprise is actively promoting the construction of the world's first demonstration project with an annual output of 50000 tons of polyglycolic acid to produce biodegradable materials, which have the characteristics of all-natural degradation, high barrier, high strength and high heat resistance, and can be used in many fields such as food and beverage packaging, and can help solve the problem of "white pollution".

Ding Junyu, Manager of the Planning and Coordination Office of the Chemical Industry Management Department of the National Energy Group, said: In the past, our petrochemical products were actually refined with petroleum as raw material. Now we use coal to produce this product, which can also meet the needs of the people's daily life.

The coal chemical industry is not only concentrated in Yulin, but also the National Energy Group has built the world's first million-ton direct coal liquefaction project in Ordos; The first domestic coal-to-olefin project was completed in Baotou; In Ningxia, an indirect liquefaction project with an annual output of 4 million tons of coal from Ningxia Coal has been built with the largest single investment scale and independent intellectual property rights in the world. The three modern coal chemical technology routes have all won the first prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award.

Ding Junyu, Manager of the Planning and Coordination Office of the Chemical Industry Management Department of the National Energy Group, said that during the "Fourteenth Five-Year Plan" period, we will focus on the industrial chain, create an innovation chain, realize the value chain, promote the transformation of the coal chemical industry from fuel to raw materials and materials, and realize the high-end, diversified and low-carbon development of the coal chemical industry.