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Blower cooling tower air duct support

Category: Blast Type Cooling Tower

1. Tower body: the FRP cooling tower is field assembled, which is composed of multiple FRP tower plates, forming a relatively closed heat exchange device; The tray is made of fiberglass (acid-resistant) material, with light weight, high strength and good corrosion resistance. In terms of manufacturing technology, the most advanced composite technology in China has been adopted, and the products are bright on both sides. According to the different geological and environmental conditions, it can be designed to support and fix the concrete frame conditions; It can also be designed as a light steel structure and used as the main framework of the cooling tower body after special corrosion protection, and then fixed on the main framework with multiple FRP tower plates.

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key word: Blower cooling tower air duct support

Blower cooling tower air duct support

Blower cooling tower air duct support

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