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Outlet tower plate lifting

Category: Blast Type Cooling Tower

The blast cooling tower is the necessary cooling equipment required by the hydrometallurgy process, and its shell is made of all-fiberglass reinforced plastics. The tower is composed of FRP tower body, FRP beam and grid; Air blowing device; Air guide device; Sprinkler; Dropping and wiping device; De-crystallization device; It is composed of seven parts, including liquid collecting tank. The tower body is fabricated. It was originally designed, developed and applied by the former Wuhan University of Technology, Changsha Nonferrous Smelting Design Institute and Hunan Zhuzhou Smelter, which is the first in China. Because of its high cooling efficiency and good corrosion resistance, the FRP cooling tower has completely replaced the concrete cooling tower or steel lined FRP cooling tower used in the past. This product has become a necessary finalized product for hydrometallurgy in the domestic non-ferrous industry.

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key word: Outlet tower plate lifting

Outlet tower plate lifting

Outlet tower plate lifting

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