Wuhan University of Technology has innovatively opened 400 phones

Zhuhai Yuanda Innovative Fiberglass Technology Development Co., Ltd. officially opened the 400-060-2537 telephone on July 11, 2017. New and old customers are welcome to call for consultation. Customers can choose different ones according to their needs. 1 key for technical questions such as FRP technical consultation, FRP product design, R&D, production cycle, installation costs, etc. Glass fiber reinforced plastic raw materials such as epoxy vinyl resin, glass fiber reinforced plastic cloth, chopped felt, surface felt, glass fiber yarn, gel coat, and auxiliary consumables such as accelerant, talcum powder, etc. can press the 2 key after the 400 phone is connected. If you need to inquire about our company's conventional products, product specific parameters, product inventory, freight situation, etc., you can select the customer service department, just press the 3 key after the 400 phone is connected.

Wuhan University of Technology Innovation FRP Technology Development Co., Ltd. is waiting for your call here.